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A step-by-step system to tell engaging stories, earn better reviews, and be more memorable.

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I'm thrilled you’re interested in Extraordinary Storytelling for Teams.

Whether you’re launching a brand-new project or taking your existing tour company to new heights, we’re here to help turn your tour business into a 5-star review machine.

In our online Be a Better Guide Academy your guides will learn from experienced tour guide trainers and be exposed to the techniques of world-class tour leaders.

We've worked with hundreds of companies from around the world and are always improving our practical and down to earth training methods.

We would simply love to work with you and your team!

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What is Extraordinary Storytelling for Teams?

An online, video-based training program created and designed by world-class tour guide trainers, expert storytellers and interpretation specialists. Our self-paced lessons are hosted online and can be access from any computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.

What Are My Tour Leaders Going to Learn in This Program?
We offer a proven, step-by-step system for brainstorming, workshopping and sharing compelling stories on tour. We’re talking not only about being more entertaining and engaging as a guide, but also having a repeatable, method for finding, creating, and crafting captivating stories.

We also know that when you’re making an investment in your business, it’s important to know what you’re getting. That’s why we share our exact curriculum — so you can make sure this program is right for you. See below for a complete description of our lessons.

How Does it Work?
Our Storytelling for Teams program is accessed through an annual subscription service. We provide you with the login codes and you distribute them to your team. They will receive immediate access to the lessons when they log in and will be able to use the materials for one full calendar year.

Want to keep your team's access from expiring? Easy! Simply renew your subscription. Need to increase or decrease the number of team members you want trained? Not a problem. Top up the number of logins you have at anytime. The more logins you need, the more you save!

What Happens When I Enroll My Team?

You’ll get access to the entire program immediately as the administrator. Then, within 24 hours, our support staff will email you with the rest of the login codes for your team. Armed with the codes, you'll be able to distribute them as you see fit!



More Entertaining and Engaging

As tour leaders, we want to believe that people will pay attention to us automatically, but unfortunately this just isn’t the case. And here’s the bottom line: The best tour guides on the planet are master storytellers.

They skip the boring facts and figures and instead use the power of narrative to keep audiences hanging off their every word. They are adept at transforming everyday information into compelling stories and have a nose for which stories to use - and which stores to lose.

Earn More 5-Star Reviews
Dozens of scientific studies from around the world have consistently shown that the human brain remembers stories substantially better than data, facts and figures. As tour leaders in the information age, in order to stand out from the crowd we need to make our tours as memorable as possible!

Guests don’t need tour guides to access raw facts, figures and data - the internet is doing that pretty darn well these days. They DO need tour leaders to package and assemble that information and deliver it in thoughtful, engaging and entertaining ways. In other words: Less facts - more stories. More stories - more memorable experiences for your guests to review.

Develop a Competitive Advantage
Potential customers are looking for tour businesses that actually offer unique experiences. Honing your skills as a story researcher, a story creator and a story teller is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your tours.

Why? Because no other tour has your team! These captivating stories, shared uniquely, are impossible to copy. Successful tour businesses know this and even share teasers of the many stories their guests could hear... so long as they book a tour. In a crowded marketplace - let stories be your secret weapon!

Drive Word-of-Mouth Referrals
We speak with successful tour and activity operators everyday, and when Viking Splash Tours in Dublin told us that the storytelling of their guides was one of the key reasons they’ve 10x their sales - we believed them! A few years back, they took the time to find funny, insightful stories about Dublin AND made sure their tour leaders had the skills to deliver these narratives.

Word spread that their amphibious tours were one of the best introductions to Dublin - and the rest is history. They went from one vehicle running tours on a daily basis, to 10 vehicles running non-stop through peak season! They credit their guides' skilled storytelling as the core driver of their incredible word-of-mouth growth.

Make an Impact
Beyond the incredible ability of storytelling to help you sell more tours, there are many important reasons to hone your storytelling skills. If you want to open the minds of your visitors to new perspectives, liberate people from stereotypes, or move people to action - scientific studies show that, time and time again, stories are one of the most persuasive and engaging tools.

There is a reason that companies all over the world spend billions of dollars on brand storytelling and why charities, NGOs and social movements use stories to move people to action and raise awareness. As tour leaders, our stories can create meaningful understanding across cultures and help visitors to not only see what is different, but also see what brings us together.



We created the most practical, down-to-earth, storytelling program we possibly could. As guides ourselves, we knew exactly which techniques and strategies would ACTUALLY be useful while leading tours.

Specifically you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft stories quickly from scratch that captivate your audiences

  • Connect more deeply with guests from different cultures and backgrounds

  • Speak more authentically (i.e. sound like yourself and not a robot)

  • Hook audiences right from the start with our 'Guide to Great Beginnings'

  • Bring narratives to life with our practical, easy-to-use visual aids

  • Engage and captivate your group using nontraditional techniques like gossip, games and controversy
  • Use our storyboarding system to create a sense of journey for your tour or activity

  • Get clear on which stories to tell to which audiences and build your own 'Story Vault'

  • Identify the most engaging stories in your area using our unique research strategies

  • Learn how to quickly adapt stories in real time if your listeners lose interest

  • Inspire your guests to change their beliefs, behaviours and common misconceptions

  • Avoid our 21 common mistakes while public speaking on tour



We developed our core program, Extraordinary Storytelling for Tour Leaders, because of our belief in the power of story to create real connections, to captivate guests and to build successful tour businesses.

Over the years, I've consumed dozens of books, articles, lectures, blogs and courses on storytelling. I’ve studied with storytelling masters like Professor Hannah Harvey from East Tennessee State University and the New-York times Best selling author Professor Tilar J. Mazzeo. But most importantly, I am a tour leader myself, with over 10+ years of experience trying to tell best stories I possibly could. It was in the field, in front of hundreds of groups, where I truly found what works and what doesn’t when it comes to telling great stories on tour.

This program is a cumulation of this study, passion and experience. I whole-heartedly believe that being a great storyteller is not a gift - but a skill that can be practiced, honed and polished.


Throughout this program we’ll be hearing advice and tips from some of the most iconic storytellers of our generation. We'll hear from Ira Glass, the creator of This American Life, and share his tips for consistently telling powerful stories. We’ll use worksheets from the geniuses behind Pixar Animation Studios, whose secrets for crafting compelling plots where at the heart of Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

We include advice from award-winning film maker and creator of Muse Storytelling, Patrick Moreau, and get performance tips from live storytellers like professor TJ Mazzeo. Alex Blumberg, the founder of Gimlet Media, shares his blueprint for creating timeless stories and we adapt the teachings of renowned author and master interpreter, Dr. Sam Ham.

We’ve done the research, read the books and tested to see what really works on tour. Let us be your storytelling guides and give you the shortcuts you need to learn from the best of the best!


Extraordinary Storytelling is divided into five core training modules.

All program materials, including videos, transcripts, PDF’s, done-for-you resources, cheat sheets, and workbooks, are accessed online within your personal account.


In order to become a powerful storyteller, we need to make sure we’ve got a solid base to work from. Wether you are just getting started with narratives or an experienced storyteller looking to hone your craft - this module starts with the essentials you need to craft extraordinary stories.

We’ll share the latest and most up-to-date scientific studies on storytelling and what they teach us about how to keep your group engaged. You’ll discover the essential anatomy of a story and techniques for finding great stories in your research. Lastly, you’ll receive tools for transforming your facts, data and statistics into compelling stories.

By the end of this module you'll have an firm understanding of the elements (and power) of extraordinary storytelling.


We’ll take you from brainstorming the most story-worthy moments of your tour to discovering why some stories flow - and others fall flat. We’ll look at what makes for great beginnings and powerful endings, how to use the 5 senses to bring your stories to life, and tips for generating authentic emotional connections with your groups.

We will share the full Be a Better Guide Story System - a repeatable process for building an extraordinary story from scratch. We’ll take you through every step, plus build a brand new story right along with you. Included are several story-building worksheets and done-for-you resources. This way you’ll have the tools you need to work on any story you choose - whether its brand new or one of your favourite crowd-pleasers.

By the end of this module you’ll have a repeatable system for honing and polishing your stories and have built a completed story from scratch.


In this section, we get practical advice and experience from some of the most iconic storytellers of our generation. We'll hear from Ira Glass, the creator of This American Life, and share his techniques for consistently telling powerful stories. We’ll explore the tricks of the trade from award-winning film maker and creator of Muse Storytelling, Patrick Moreau, and get performance tips from live storytellers like professor TJ Mazzeo.

In this module, you’ll stand on the shoulders of giants and get practical, down-to-earth advice from the best of the best in the world of storytelling. In addition, you’ll learn how to make connections across cultures and nationalities, create overarching themes and narratives for your tour, and learn how to tell stories in your own authentic, personal style.

By the end of this module you will be able to choose the right story for each audience and connect with your guests in authentic new ways.


Despite our best-laid plans, there are always ways things can go wrong when storytelling. For example: What if you tell a story and no one pays attention? Or what if you forget your story mid way through? In this module, we’re here to help. We prepare you for the most common storytelling challenges - and offer specific advice for handling each situation.

We’ll make sure you are not committing any of the ‘21 deadly sins’ of public speaking, offer tips for beating boredom, and ways to enhance your stories on the fly. We’ll give you examples of interactive storytelling, props and visual aids that can make a big impact, and even share our best secrets for ‘abandoning ship’. (i.e. smoothly and confidently transitioning out of a story that is simply not working)

By the end of this module you will have a complete toolkit for adjusting stories on the fly and be able to transition confidently when things go wrong.


What kind of storytelling program would this be without some recordings of great stories inside?? In this module we go through two detailed case studies of stories told live on tour. After breaking down each video, we highlight what's working and where things could be improved.

We demonstrate a full breakdown of an existing narrative and how you can transform good stories into extraordinary ones. You'll see the Be a Better Guide Storytelling System in action and learn from video footage of some truly talented storytellers in action. This library of stories and case studies will continue to grow as we collect submissions and do more live recordings of powerful storytellers.

By the end of this module you'll have experienced the simplicity of the Be a Better Guide Storytelling System and have seen real-world storytellers sharing extraordinary stories.


In this workshop, we give you the inside scoop on Pixar’s method for consistently crafting great stories. Practical tips, action steps, and best practices from Pixar's very own directors and story artists.

Unsure of how to get the action going in your stories? With these cheat sheets of six universal themes, you’ll know exactly what to look for when researching great stories to share.

Grab your groups' attention with our ready-to-use guide to great beginnings. Seven plug-and-play hooks to start any story on the right foot.

We’ve handpicked a selection of books, podcasts and TED talks to put you on the fast-track to mastering storytelling. Curated especially for guides, tour leaders and interpreters!



    Whether you lead fly-fishing trips or city-tours, run an eco-farm or take people heli-hiking - our step-by-step storytelling system is guaranteed to make you a better guide. Entertaining, engaging and inspiring audiences is what stories do best!

    No matter if you tell stories in a more casual and relaxed environment, or are required to speak for up to two hours at a time - Extraordinary Storytelling for Tour Leaders will help you share your knowledge in compelling and memorable new ways.



    “I don’t have time"

    We totally get it, there are only so many hours in the day.

    But, as Warren Buffet says, "Investing in yourself is the most important investment you'll ever make in your life."

    If there is just one skill that can 10x your abilities as a tour leader, storytelling is it.

    “I'm not a storyteller"

    We used to feel the exact same way.

    We are firm believers that anyone, anywhere can learn to be a captivating storyteller. It is not some gift you need to be born with.

    We’ll give you the tools you need to reliably create and tell powerful, engaging stories.

    “I don’t have any story ideas"

    No problem!

    We begin the program with a guide to helping you find compelling stories - no matter what kind of tour or experience you lead.

    No experience is necessary when to join.



    When you’re running a business, every penny counts! That’s why you have 30 full days to test drive Extraordinary Storytelling for Teams and decide of its right for you. We wholeheartedly believe that our program can radically transform your tours. But we want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself.
    That's why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. If you feel that we haven’t delivered on Extraordinary Storytelling For Teams within 30 days, we will issue a 100% refund.


Upon completion of our program, individuals receive an Extraordinary Storytelling badge to display proudly in your office, brochures or on your website.


After completing the program members also receive a personalized certificate. Credentials, awards and certifications are all powerful signals to your potential customers that you are committed to tour leading excellence. Make your business stand out from the crowd!



Simply e-mail support@beabetterguide.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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